Moving Tips

Moving Tips

Top 10 packing tips for moving

We know that when it comes to moving the key is the proper packaging for everything. But how, when and in what order should you start packing? When you think „ Now I’m ready to do a quick sale home and I will move within one day after the sales has been successful” then you don’t realize how much work moving really is. The longer you stay at a place, the higher the number of things you end up stashing no matter you want it or not. So here are some top packing tips for you before you start moving.

1. Start on time

Start packing away things which take a notoriously long time to pack, which includes books, clothes, things you don’t use on a daily basis, which include bed cloth, blankets, kitchen and bathroom supplies.

2. Plan a trip to a hardware store

You will need several things for moving which include tapes, strings, wraps, special packaging supplies, extra cords, lightbulbs and batteries and so on. Get these well on time, so when the time comes you are all prepared.

3. Drop everything you don’t need

Empty and defrost your fridge a couple of days before moving. Get rid of all things you cannot eat right away. Drop all the groceries which you have already opened. Otherwise they will cause tons of problems for you while being transported. Empty your closet and be ruthless with all the things you don’t actually wear.

4. Get boxes of all sorts for free

Supermarkets, newspaper stores, tobacco stores, computer stores are all full of hard paper boxes which they won’t ever use. Go and visit them to get boxes for your moving. You can save a good amount of money with this move. Get smaller boxes for heavier things.

5. Pack organized

Pack according to types of things and always put a note on each box on what’s exactly in them and for which room they are intended. This way things will stay way more organized.

6. Number your boxes

To avoid for any box to get lost put a number on a visible place and keep the moving company there, until you verify that all boxes have promptly arrived to your new home.

7. Have a couple of Ziploc bags at hand

These are great for smaller things and for things you want to keep separated from the others.

8. Make a copy on all your official documents

And carry them separately. This way you make sure that nothing gets lost or if they do, this way you can replace them faster.

9. Have your things loaded according to rooms

So that all those things can be carried into that specific room right away. This saves you tons of time and energy.

10. Choose a moving company with good conditions

Some companies have weird conditions, such as refusing to carrying anything which is not properly boxed or refusing to help with the moving in. Make sure you agree on everything before settling the date. And don’t pay in advance.